10 reasons you like telepathic communication with animals

10 reasons you like telepathic communication with animals

Of all the professions I have experienced in my life, Animal Communicator is the most popular and longest, 25 years of the year.

Telepathic communication with animals brings many rewards, personally, to animals, and to human clients.

Here are some of my favorites about telepathic communication with animals.

1_ Communication with animals reminds you that your mind is open.
Opening up your mind makes it easier to exchange telepathy. Also, the more open you are, the more you live from your personal truth and God’s self.

Many animals, like most people, are not always open to the stress of life.

When I speak telepathically with animals, I can help them restore their minds to greater peace, love and openness.

2_ Animals are wonderful teachers.
Even if you don’t think the animals are teaching you, just being with them, they will show you the other way.

Some have shown how to meditate, become peaceful, and trust.

Many dogs are great to teach them how to enter the space with joy and enthusiasm.

Many cats are great meditators.

Birds tell us the pleasure of flying free-let go of our limits so we can really climb.

Some horses call me when running for free and have the same flight experience.

3_Animals generally love us unconditionally, and when I communicate with animals, I feel love for their family.
Whether I speak with spirit animals, animals preparing to leave the body, or young people who cause confusion in the house, their love is very strong.

For many years, my face had been telepathically washed with a large wet dog’s tongue, and tickled with a cat’s beard and a telepathic dull horse’s head. Birds often sit telepathically on my head, arms, or fingers.

No matter what animal you talk to, the love is so strong that each animal is beautifully expressed in a unique way.

4_Animals help broaden your horizons by providing you with very bright and enlightening unique animals.
I always remember the cat who told him that the problem with her husband’s mind was not just physical, but came from not falling in love.

The cat gave clear instructions to buy the angel’s card, and the cat provided a loving message to his wife and son to write it on the card. The news was very beautiful and brought tears and women’s eyes.

5_ Animals are very forgiving.
Before I left the animal, there were many clients that told me that they were to blame for and / or did not do for my animal.

When I ask animals about it, they consistently understand themselves, love, be gentle, forgive, forgive, and even take care of themselves. They sometimes love us more than ourselves.

6_Animals fully reflect our problems, so we can grow and change.

One day, I got angry with Melissa. When I was driving the car, I remembered everything she did and felt angry.

Then suddenly, I was scared and realized that all of Melissa’s issues were perfectly consistent with my own.

This insight has helped me withdraw from judgment and unconditional love for Melissa and me. What an amazing learning experience!

7_ Animals are great healers and offer treatment without reservation.
In 2003, shortly after surgery, he returned home to repair a broken ankle. I laid my feet on plaster and got up on two pillows.

I woke up when the phone rang and sat down and found that I couldn’t move.

My two cats at the time, Violet and Sahara, weighed over 20 pounds and lay on the cast. They provided healing energy and beats, but vibrate at the rate at which they actually heal bones.

8_ Animals come to us over and over again throughout their lives.

My beautiful siam, Starlight, was my Arab horse, Echo, in her last life. I’m a cat now. This has resulted in some fascinating experiences that expand the mind.

Because of the similarities, a new word “feliquine” [cat + horse] has been created. This is a horse that returns like a cat.

Animals have a great sense of humor.
Most of my clients rarely ask to tell funny stories to animals, but I was interested in what her dog tells her.

She talked about one Thanksgiving when the cat had j


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