Paris is a historic city and the capital of France. PARIS — This city, which has had a problem with men urinating in the street for centuries, started supplying public urinals in the 1830s. It has often been a losing battle. In Paris, the number of public toilets increased during the reign of Napoleon III and peaked in 1914, with 4000 in Paris. Warnings and Dangers in Paris: Toilets. Although they were once an important architectural element of …

There are some truly noteworthy restrooms in Paris (usually found in trendy bars and expensive hotels). Public bathrooms.

The first option to go to the toilets in Paris is to find … But there are also -- in some scruffy older cafés -- Turkish Toilets, which consist of a ceramic base … So, if you’re planning a trip to Paris, this article will give you all my insider’s tips on how and where to find a free bathroom in Paris! Visitors to the city will want to keep in mind a few warnings about the area.

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