Fast Facts The Spitzer Space Telescope is a space-borne, cryogenically-cooled infrared observatory capable of studying objects ranging from our Solar System to the distant reaches of the Universe. Mission Key Dates. Spitzer is designed to detect infrared radiation, which is primarily heat radiation. The Spitzer Space Telescope is the final mission in NASA's Great Observatories Program - a family of four space-based observatories, each observing the universe in a different kind of light. The spacecraft is launched into a solar, Earth-trailing orbit, far enough away from the planet so Earth's radiation does not interfere with the cooling of the telescope. The Spitzer Space Telescope has given us great information about how planets form and where they come from. NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope is celebrating 15 years since its launch on August 25, 2003.

This remarkable spacecraft has made discoveries its designers never even imagined, including some of the seven Earth-size planets of TRAPPIST-1.Here are some key facts about Spitzer: Spitzer Space Telescope, U.S. satellite, the fourth and last of the NASA fleet of ‘Great Observatories.’ Studying the cosmos in infrared light, it discovered three planets in the habitable zone of the TRAPPIST-1 system and the outermost ring of Saturn. Interesting Spitzer Space Telescope Facts: The Spitzer Space Telescope is the size of a car. Aug. 25, 2003 — The Spitzer Space Telescope (then called the Space Infrared Telescope Facility, or SIRTF) launches aboard a Delta 7920H rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The Spitzer Space Telescope is orbiting 26 million miles from Earth.

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