In this sentence, we can see that I don’t think it is a good idea to drink too much beer at the party and want to avoid doing it. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples (NOT He must comes with us.
He took an umbrella because he thought it was going to rain. Read the situations and make sentences with ‘needn’t have’.

Humans must have drinking water at least every two days. must; mustn’t; needn’t. I must memorize all of these rules about modal verbs. Must is a modal verb, and modal verbs are followed by infinitive without to.. You must eat lots of sweets if you want to lose some weight.

To express obligation or duty. I mustn’t forget to post it. You brush your teeth three times a day. Mustn't or Don't have to. He must come with us. Examples of Mustn’t in a sentence *** You mustn’t smoke.
MUST, MUSTN’T, HAVE TO, DON’T HAVE TO Complete these sentences with must, mustn’t or the correct or the correct form of have to.

She . This might be because of my important meeting with my boss. ; No -s. Modal verbs don’t add -s after he/she/it.. You must feed your dog every day. must/mustn’t . *** If you want to lose weight,you mustn’t eat too much. ; 2. Complete the sentences with must or mustn't. ; You must give up smoking, it's bad for you. ; People must remain seated until the show is over. George went out. (NOT I must to go to the doctor. MUST. ; Use must/mustn’t in negatives and questions *** You mustn’t be late for the exam. 1.- At our school we _____ wear a uniform. Sentence examples with the word Mustn’t. Definition of Mustn’t. This also refers to laws and regulations. *** Jim gave me a letter to post. I must go to the doctor. To emphasize the necessity of something. You mustn't eat fruit and vegetables every day. Vous êtes en train de parler avec quelqu'un qui n'a jamais pris l'avion avant. 1. When she got home, she found that she already had plenty of eggs. He . But it didn’t rain. must/mustn’t, have to/don’t have to – form . Ann bought some eggs when she went shopping. Complétez ces phrases avec 'mustn't' ou 'don't have to' You are speaking to someone who has never flown before. Mustn't definition: Mustn't is the usual spoken form of 'must not'. For example ‘I mustn’t drink too much beer at this party’. Use must + infinitive without to. Complete these sentences with 'mustn't' or 'don't have to' Good luck. ; You must wear a seatbelt at all times.

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