Quantum chaos theory is a new idea in the study of chaos theory. Chaos theory is attempting to do just that, and also to find more complex patterns of order in the over-all chaos. These complex patterns are called "fractals," which are defined as "geometrical shapes whose structure is such that magnification by a given factor reproduces the original object." Chaotic systems are not random systems. The main idea of chaos theory is that a minor difference at the start of a process can make a major change in it as time progresses. Chaos theory presents a Universe that is deterministic, obeying fundamental physical laws, but with a predisposition for disorder, complexity and unpredictability. Order from chaos: How to apply complexity theory at work The term itself suggests something has gone wrong, but operating at the edge of chaos is actually healthy; scientists have shown that all large and complex systems tend to adapt this way. It deals with quantum physics. Chaos theory aims to find the general order of social systems and particularly social systems that are similar to each other. The assumption here is that the unpredictability in a system can be represented as overall behavior, which gives some amount of predictability, even when the system is unstable. Examples [ change | change source ]

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