See Synonyms at regret. 3. row (sŏr′ō, sôr′ō) n. 1.

How to say sorrow in Greek What's the Greek word for sorrow? But all my sorrow and regret could not put my marriage or my family together again. λύπη . Mental suffering caused by loss, disappointment, or misfortune, or an instance of this: tried to assuage her sorrows. 2. lýpi̱. λύπη noun: lýpi̱ regret, sadness, grief, pain, woe: λυπούμαι verb: lypoúmai regret, grieve, rue: θρηνώ verb: thri̱nó̱ lament, mourn, weep, deplore, wail: Find more words! More Greek words for sorrow. Sorrow is the flock of sparrows which remains behind, and builds in the nests of the birds of passage. Such peaceful, non-threatening values will replace the "sorrows, doubt, and aspirations," not to mention the "fierce fanaticism" of what is clearly meant as a description of the uncultured working-class mind. Use * for blank tiles (max 2) Advanced Sea A source or cause of sorrow; a misfortune: "I must struggle through my sorrows and difficulties as I can" (Jane Austen). Greek Translation. Here's a list of translations.

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