Bad idea to use svn+ssh for a multi-user setup, it will create you a lot of trouble with permissions (for instance, files created by one user won't be modifiable by the others, depending on the umask). If you are using SVN+SSH, then, the username of the user for a given workstation is in the config file for SVN. – Stephen Melvin Apr 8 '14 at 16:50 With svn 1.10.2 on Windows 10, when svn prompts for the username it does not allow you to enter it. When you do that, you're asked for the path of the file and the password to encrypt/decrypt the settings file. The other day I had to do an svn checkout from an Amazon Web Services (AWS) instance and, of course, my user name on SVN was different from the user name on the AWS instance which is by default ec2-user. After deleting these files AnkhSVN will prompt you for username and password once again. svn.ssl.server contains SSL server certificates. If you use the svn:keywords property to expand keywords, and in ... Check-commit. +1, however I'd like to point out that in my experience SVN will use username of the logged-in user if a username is not provided. How To Modify TortoiseSVN Login Credentials: Please note if you have multiple repositories configured the method below will cause you to have to login to all of the repositories configured in TortoiseSVN again. or From the file system right click->tortoise->settings->saved data->Authentication Data-Clear. Called after the user clicks OK in the commit dialog, and before the commit dialog closes. svn.simple contains credentials for basic authentication (username/password). svn.username contains credentials for username-only authentication (no password needed). Image by Wikipedia – Fair use licence. Assuming Windows workstation, this file will be in C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Subversion folder. Note that passwords are stored using the WinCrypt API, not in plain text form. First open the folder that contains the SVN repository that you want to login to with different credentials. This hook gets a list of all the checked files.

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