It is located in the Faron Grasslands region south of Highland Stable. Breath of the Wild has 3 special horses in the game: White Horse, descendant of Zelda's horse.

Malanya offers to revive any registered dead horse. It’s near the Highland stable – teleport to the Lake Tower or the Ka’o Makagh shrine, then get to the southern road. The location of Stalhorses are random, but if you look among the groups of mounted Moblins in the area, one will most likely be riding a Stalhorse instead of a normbal horse. The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Horse God location. Upon crossing the Horse God Bridge, located above the lake, Link will find a Great Fairy Fountain. Kakariko Village Great Fairy Fountain - Great Fairy Cotera Cotera's Great Fairy Fountain is likely to be the first you run into. She’s tucked under a skeleton all the way in the southwest of the map in Gerudo Desert just a bit southwest from Dragon’s Exile . (Either way, you can see your route and destination in … [BotW] Link's Default Horse. Before Epona was confirmed for BotW,I always assumed the horse in the trailers and the artwork was the new design of Epona. Where to find the Stalhorse in 'BotW' RMFH/Youtube The Lake of the Horse God is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. ... What name would you give the horse. Better yet, travel Ka'o Makagh shrine because it’s closer. Second Great Fairy in Akkala This fountain belongs to the fairy Mija, and it’s located on the east bank of Lake Akkala and north of Kaepora Pass. He lives in Malanya Spring, in the Lake Hylia region of Hyrule. The Lake of the Horse God is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.It is located in the Faron Grasslands region south of Highland Stable.Upon crossing the Horse God Bridge, located above the lake, Link will find a Great Fairy Fountain.It is the home of the God of Horses Malanya after whom the lake and the bridge are named. Great Fairy Tera is the most out-of-the-way fairy you’ll meet. The Dah Hesho shrine is to the west of there, so if you’ve discovered it, teleport and just glide over. Find the horse god Malanya Warp to Lake tower, in south Hyrule. The Horse God can revive dead horses for you. r/zelda: /r/zelda is the hub for anything and everything The Legend of Zelda - the iconic Nintendo series. As the patron deity of horses, Malanya possesses the power to revive any horse that has been killed. He is a Fairy, patron and god of horses. Feel free to share news, reviews … Find Ancient Horse Gear Location, Equip It for better Stamina. Malanya is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Ancient Horse Gear is important in Zelda Breath of the Wild. At the spring, Link can find Malanya whose power has weakened over time like those of the four Great Fairies. This is the northeast of the region. The Zelda Breath of the Wild - Tip. Zelda BotW: Wild Horse Catching and Taming Guide Posted on March 15, 2017 March 15, 2017 by Aywren Sojourner I was informed that there were stables on the other side of Twin Peaks, and that should be my next goal. Great Fairy Kayasa can be found in the Tabantha Region, south of Totori Lake and the Rito Village. The better location of the two is Hebra, as you'll be able to pinpoint a skeleton horse in areas like the eastern part of North Tabantha Snowfield. Where to find horse fairy in Zelda BoTW The horse fairy is located in the south of the map, in the Faron region. Follow it to the east, across the wooden bridge, and into the dead end.

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