hey there beautiful.....? I don't consider you a stranger because I know you.

Let’s face it hearing the answer from your female friends, is not always exactly the real answer. Whether you want to compliment a man or a woman, or just say something is beautiful, saying beautiful in Spanish is easy. Hola guapa: hey good looking ( <--- usually referring to an attractive woman) 2.

Used to attract attention or to express surprise, appreciation, wonder, or pleasure: "Oh, hey, you saw that ninety-nine-yard punt return in the Super Bowl?

After all your female friends usually tell you what you want to hear or what they want the answer to be. Wow, so did I!" Favorite Answer . Flowers have that special feminine touch about them, and are often associated with girls. Hola bonita: hey pretty lady. If you want to learn how to say "beautiful" in Spanish in any context, just follow these easy tips.

The million dollar question that all females want to know is: What does it mean when a guy calls you beautiful?

This can mean a labyrinth, and it all depends on the amount of games and tricks that you have stored in your memory bank. Answer Save. What you say to a friend after you haven't seen them in a long time...so long that it almost feels like they are a stranger. Hey definition is - —used especially to call attention or to express interrogation, surprise, or exultation. Usually used as an opening in a text, or facebook message. Names meaning ‘Flower’ For Your Little Girl. Here are a few baby girl names meaning flower!. 12 Answers. (in this case me, since I just called you beautiful, lmfao) MP: What is something you like to do when you're down? [Middle English hei.] hey (hā) interj.

For some girls, this could just be the simple winking gesture that society has dubbed as flirtatious.. for some girls, it could be flirtation at its finest. Aboli: This is an uncommon Hindu name that means flower. (Don Pfarrer).

As mentioned before, the Britain is very much like a small United States with Counties instead of states, where the accent and meaning of words can change within a few miles, for example there is a noticeable difference in the Newport (Wales) accent, and the accent of Risca, not more than 10 miles away. 1 decade ago. Anonymous.

How to use hey in a sentence. Informal 1.

There are many ways to say "beautiful" in Spanish. Relevance. Daisy: Many girls are named after these dainty white and yellow flowers. I say screw it, and go for the kill!

Used to express greeting. Hola Hermosa: hello beautiful. Question: If a stranger told you that you were beautiful would you believe them?

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