If it connects, she calls “It's lunch time! Lunch Rush (Hyper Smash) Tron shoots a shot from her gun. Poses Intro: Tron comes in with her Gustaff (transformed into a tank) and says "Tron Bonne, Queen of the Servbots, at your service!" Final Smash 1 - Lunch Rush. Bonne Strike (Down) Tron attacks with her robot tank arm morphed into a drill, rocketing straight ahead towards her opponent. before the mech transforms back., Taunt: Tron gestures the opponent via the Gustaff, saying "Come here, i'm not going to hurt you", Victory: Tron strikes her pose, saying "Yeah, that's right, I'm bad! If it connects, she calls 41 of her Servbots barrage the opponent on the ground. Tron grabs her opponent and slams them face-first into the ground. It can be blocked and comes out slow.

Final Smash 2 - Shakedown Mixer. The Metal Simon puppet fighter's favor for smash attacks represents Knight Man's Special Weapon, Knight Crusher, which fires a metallic spiked ball much like that at the end of the Vampire Killer. Updated almost monthly, it's the place to be to see classic SSB-style fighting action. The stage references the boss room of Knight Man's Stage from Mega Man 6 which features similar banners. Super Smash Stadium is an online Super Smash Brothers fanfic. It incorporates elements from all three of the games and characters like Mario, Link, Sonic, Megaman, and more. Pressing the button increases the number of hits.

It is, however, the strongest move Captain Falcon has in his entire arsenal; including Smash Attacks, the Home Run Bat, and, in the case of his Reverse Falcon Punch (see below), his Final Smash (his Battle Attack and Ultimate Smash deal more damage, however). Tron shoots her opponent with a laser from her gun.

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